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Dental fillings are the primary treatment option for cavities and help restore your child’s teeth. At Stagecoach Children’s Dental Center in Magnolia, Texas, Keith Coe, DDS, works carefully to make dental fillings as comfortable as possible. If you suspect your child needs a filling, call today to schedule an exam, or book online in just a few clicks.

What Is A Dental Filling? And When Do I Need One?

Dental Fillings are performed to remove tooth decay and replace the damaged tooth structure with an inert material. They’re called fillings because they fill the space left by decay. Nowadays, bonded tooth-colored composite resin fillings are commonly used. When cavities are detected early, treatment is straightforward and painless. However, if left untreated, decay can cause tooth pain or infection, requiring more extensive procedures like root canals to restore the tooth’s health.

FAQs About Dental Filling For Kids

Dental fillings are a restorative dentistry treatment that “fills” cavities to restore proper tooth structure.

Cavities develop when plaque and bacteria invade the hard tissues of a tooth, eating away at the outermost layers. Left untreated, cavities can extend into the inner chamber of the tooth, causing serious infection and the need for root canal therapy.

Fillings are among the most common types of dental treatments. Most people develop at least one cavity during their lifetime, and kids are especially susceptible. Children often struggle to remove all traces of food and plaque from their teeth during normal brushing and flossing.

Within a few days, plaque can harden into a substance called tartar, which is nearly impossible to remove without a professional dental cleaning.

The process begins with an injection of numbing medication, which eliminates all sensation in the treatment area. Kids who are fearful of dental care can benefit from sedation dentistry options like nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or conscious sedation.

The next step is removing all damaged or decayed tooth tissue. Your child won’t feel any pain during this process, and Dr. Coe only needs a few moments to complete this stage of the filling.

Next, Dr. Coe places the filling material into the prepared tooth structure. Tooth-colored materials help create a natural-looking finished treatment, which is far more aesthetically appealing than the metal amalgam fillings that were once the norm.

Dr. Coe understands the importance of patient education and strives to teach parents and kids how to develop a strong dental hygiene routine. This includes demonstrating proper brushing and flossing techniques, as well as answering questions.

Kids can also reduce their risk of future cavities by avoiding sticky, sugar-laden foods like candy. If your child eats sweets on occasion, brushing afterward is an important step to reduce the risk of cavities. Some kids benefit from fluoride applications to help strengthen their tooth enamel. Sealants are also an option and work by placing a thin protective layer over the biting surface of a child’s molars.

If you’d like more information, book a personalized consultation using the simple online scheduling page. You’re also welcome to call Stagecoach Children’s Dental Center during normal business hours.