Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry services offered in Magnolia, TX

Feeling comfortable in the dentist’s chair is the best way to establish a lifetime of routine dental care. For many kids who work with Keith Coe, DDS, of Stagecoach Children's Dental Center in Magnolia, Texas, sedation dentistry is an important tool in reaching that goal. If you’d like to explore the options in greater detail, book a visit online or call today.

How can sedation dentistry help both kids and parents?

Many kids experience some degree of anxiety when they think about dental care. For some, these fears are overwhelming and make dental visits nearly unbearable. 

This is called dental anxiety, and it can develop in several ways. Some children begin to fear dental visits after having a negative experience. Others become fearful after watching movies or TV programming that portrays dentistry in a negative light. Sometimes, there’s no clear cause of dental anxiety. 

Sedation dentistry offers a solution. State-of-the-art technology and research provide options that help kids relax and get the care they need without undue stress. When kids are relaxed, parents are also less stressed, making these visits easier on the whole family. 

What kinds of sedation dentistry options are available?

Nitrous oxide, often called “laughing gas,” is a common form of sedation dentistry. Dr. Coe places a simple mask or nose tubing that delivers the colorless, odorless gas, and kids breathe normally. 

The effects kick in almost immediately. Kids begin to feel relaxed and even a bit sleepy. They remain awake and able to respond to Dr. Coe’s instructions, but they no longer feel significant anxiety. As soon as the mask or tubing is removed, the effects begin to quickly wear off. 

Conscious sedation is another option, one that uses medication to help children and teens relax during treatments. Patients are not fully sedated and can still respond to instructions. The effects of conscious sedation take a bit longer to wear off, but kids begin to feel like themselves within a few hours. 

Is sedation dentistry safe?

Nitrous oxide and conscious sedation are backed by decades of research. Each option has a strong safety track record and is a safe and effective way to help children and teens get the care they need without undue stress. 

Dr. Coe and his team have extensive experience in sedation dentistry. They employ industry-leading techniques to ensure a safe experience for each patient who chooses sedation dentistry. 

As always, parents need to let Dr. Coe know about any health conditions or medications their child is taking. This information allows him to guide families toward the best sedation options. 

When you’re ready to learn more, booking a visit is as easy as making a quick phone call or spending a few moments online.